Thursday, July 11, 2019

SiP Auditions: Measure for Measure - Tuesday July 16 6 PM

 July 16, 2019
6 PM

WVS Theatre

Shakespeare’s classic play about morality, virtue, sin, punishment, death, and atonement. This work continues to be classified as a comedy, albeit a dark one, though its tone may defy those expectations.

In this dark comedy, a duke leaves his town in the hands of his second-in-command, a man whose strict sense of morality leads him to carry out laws to the letter. Almost immediately, he starts enforcing ancient laws, which leads to the arrest of Claudio for fornication—a crime punishable by death. Watch as the duke watches what ensues. Will he let the punishment be carried out? Or will he intervene before it's too late?

Directed by Erin T. McKinney

The Duke of Vienna, 40-60
A good and kind-hearted man, but perhaps not as strong a leader as he should be he later disguises himself as Friar Lodowick.

Angelo, 30-50
Assigned by the Duke to rule Vienna in his absence. Angelo is a very strict person who believes in upholding the law above all else.

Abhorson 35-40
An executioner, who takes his job very seriously.

Isabella 20-35
A young nun; sister to Claudio; pure, and virtuous.

Mistress Overdone 40-60
A businesswoman who runs brothels in the city of Vienna. She is ultimately a pragmatic person, not an idealist

Claudio 20-35
A gentleman. He is good, honorable, and well-respected by everyone

Pompey 30-50
Servant to Mistress Overdone; a humorous petty criminal.

Lucio 20-35
A gentleman of Vienna with a searing wit and lascivious humor; friend to Claudio. Shakespeare describes him as ‘Fantastic’.

Friar Peter 40-60
A priest who help the Duke with his mysterious plan.

Barnardine 30-50
A prisoner; a comical brute.

Julietta 20-35
A beautiful, virtuous young woman engaged to marry Claudio. It has just been discovered that she is pregnant.

Provost 30-60
The warden of Vienna’s prison, a kind and honorable man.

Elbow 30-50
The bumbling city constable; comedic, constantly mangles words and phrases with mispronunciation and double meanings.

Mariana 20-40
Angelo's former fiancée; she is still in love with him.

Escalus 30-60
A judge and advisor to the Duke, assigned to help Angelo rule Vienna in the Duke’s absence (male or female).

Francisca 20-40
A good, abiding nun, who lives in the convent Isabella wishes to enter.
Audition pieces*

Please come prepared to the auditions. Your audition piece should be learned*.

You may also be asked to do a cold reading of scenes in  addition to your prepared monologue.

*A different link has been provided in this email from the one sent earlier, which gave people some trouble opening.
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