Monday, July 29, 2019

New Book Uncovers Forgotten Moment in Bahaman Political History

Author Philip Rahming details how one undelivered letter could have altered the events surrounding the release of Nelson Mandela and Sir Lynden Pindling's drug trade allegations.

NASSAU, Bahamas, -- In his new book, Philip Rahming reflects on when he served as the President of the Bahamas Christian Council and the work done by the 1983-1984 commission to investigate allegations that Sir Lynden Pindling, the country's prime minister and an influential figure, was involved in the drug trade. He was then tasked with signing and delivering a condemnatory letter against Pindling that had the potential to create political discord in the country. Rahming did not sign or delivered the letter while he passed through and endured much private pains. "The Unsigned, Undelivered Letter: Pindling Left Free, Mandela Set Free" is the incredible true story of Rahming's fateful decision and a look at the events that took place as a result.  Read more >>