Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Help Us Raise Money for Dundas Repairs!

Dundas Burgled and Vandalized

At 3 AM on Monday July 22, the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts was burgled and vandalized. A 50-inch television, a DVD player and a surveillance DVR were taken. In the main theatre, every locked interior door was destroyed. The exterior door to the Black Box theatre was also wrenched open. All communications to the theatre—security cameras, cable and telephone wires—were cut. Both alarm keypads were ripped from of the walls and both alarm panels were destroyed. A kitchen sink was broken. Altogether, an estimated $10,000 in damage was left behind.
The Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts is a not-for-profit community theatre which operates on a shoestring. It receives no government subsidy and has no ongoing corporate support. Ticket revenues and rentals are its primary source of income. The staff who work there are part-time employees and volunteers who work full-time and receive an honorarium for their services. There is a caretaker's cottage on site, but finding the best fit for the job has been challenging.
Operating costs for the Dundas include very high electricity bills to keep the air conditioners and lighting running at the theatre. These bills are met by our rentals. The Dundas is an old building which needs a number of repairs, particularly after the damage wrought to the perimeter fencing and the roof by Hurricane Matthew.
Numerous improvement projects have been identified for the upgrading and expansion of the facility. But what is most important is being able to pay our staff fair full-time salaries that will enable the theatre to grow. We can ill afford to handle the extra damage done by the burglars.
So many people have expressed support and asked how they can help with the repairs of the theatre. We are working on making online and credit card donations possible, but in the meantime you can make donations straight to the Dundas bank account:
Dundas Civic Centre
Royal Bank of Canada
Palmdale Branch

Email: to find more ways to assist!