Thursday, June 6, 2019

Shakespeare in Paradise - Short Tales 2019 Selected!

The Plays

Pikliz and Griot  -  Imani Ashari

Revenge by Poison  -  Selina Archer

The Sea of Forgetfulness  -  J. Ben Hepburn

Amnesia  -  Nicolette Bethel

First Comes Mourning  -  Patrice Francis
J. Ben-Hepburn

Heading East on Shirley Street  - Gail Hanna

All Our Monsters  -  S. A. Hanna

Pig Paradise  James Marsh

The Show Must Go On  -  Valicia Rolle

BaDingy's Homegoing  -  Dwain Wallace

The Process

Short Tales received fifty submissions from thirty-five different authors. The plays were forwarded anonymously to a panel of judges who read them before each making a selection.

This process produced a shortlist of fifteen plays which were whittled down to ten.

The plays have been selected according to genre, impact, style, variety, and length.

We're excited to be doing this once again!