Monday, June 17, 2019

Meet the Dangerously Beautiful Fish That Some Say Is Better Off Dead

Lionfish are an invasive species which threaten other marine life and even the coral reef, but they also happen to be delicious.

By Fiona Tapp

It’s not very often that your supper is just too pretty to eat but when it comes to dining on lionfish, it’s almost a shame to kill it. The zebra-hued, monotone and curious-looking fish has large radial spikes that stretch beyond its body, protecting it from all around. Go too close and you’ll certainly know about it.

Those 18 venomous spines along its back can deliver a painful punch. Although not deadly to a healthy adult human, the long sharp spikes offer an excruciating sting that can last for days. In extreme cases, the after-effects can lead to respiratory problems and even paralysis.  Read more >>