Wednesday, June 26, 2019

J.S. Johnson donates to The Sir Victor Sassoon Heart Foundation

By Bluehole Pictures.

Representatives of J.S. Johnson’s 100th Anniversary Celebration Committee are seen presenting a ceremonial cheque to The Sir Victor Sassoon Heart Foundation.

“We were approached by the heart foundation to contribute to their ongoing efforts of assisting the youth of the nation. In this, our hundredth-year of existence we felt compelled to respond to the call” says Robert Bartlett, Senior Manager of Customer Service. “Dr. Jerome Lightbourne has expressed that there is never sufficient funding to cover operating and other ancillary costs. We encourage other corporate citizens to lend their financial support to The Sir Victor Sassoon Heart Foundation.”

Representatives from J.S. Johnson also had an opportunity to meet young Logan Thompson who is a beneficiary of the efforts of the foundation and were encouraged by the reports of how well he has been doing post-surgery.

About J.S. Johnson & Company, Limited:

J.S. Johnson & Company, Limited are licensed Insurance Agents and Brokers with Head Office on #34 Collins Avenue, Nassau, Bahamas. The company is the oldest and largest general insurance agency in The Bahamas, having entered the field in 1919.

J.S. Johnson places various types of insurances including Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Marine, Aviation and Life & Health covers. The Personal Lines portfolio represents the largest class of business and number of clients.

About The Sir Victor Sassoon Heart Foundation:

The Sir Victor Sassoon Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization coordinating and funding lifesaving heart surgeries for Bahamian children.

The Bahamas Heart Association is the educational arm of The Sir Victor Sassoon (Bah) Heart Foundation that is focused on living a healthy heart lifestyle. The Association advises the public through all available media on aspects of heart disease, risk factors and preventive care. We also provide speakers and educational materials for schools, youth groups, service clubs, churches and other public meetings