Saturday, June 22, 2019

How to eat conch in the Bahamas, and where to find the best

Here are ten popular ways to enjoy the national food of the Bahamas

Preparing a conch salad — Photo courtesy of iStock / shalamov

While I was certainly aware of conch (pronounced "conk") before traveling to the Bahamas, I was unaware of just how prevalent it is in Bahamian cooking. During the Bites of Nassau Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour with Tru Bahamian Food Tours, I was introduced to the many uses of conch, the fishing regulations that protect it, and even some of the local legends connected to this spiral-shelled sea snail.

This introduction inspired me throughout my trip to learn more about the many different ways conch is prepared and served in the islands of the Bahamas. Here are ten ways you can enjoy conch – the Bahamas’ national food – and some suggested places to try it.  Read more >>