Thursday, June 27, 2019

Do Not Put Your Child’s Grades on Social Media

Barrington Brennen
I have noticed something that, during recent years, has become one of my concerns.  It is how freely parents display their children’s end-of-term school grades, and sometimes the actual report cards on FaceBook and other social media sites.  Each time I see this I ask the question: “Why are these parents doing this?”

Is the displaying of grades on social media too much information to share?  Yes.  I remember when the world was private.  Certain parts of our lives were not known to the world.  Now we are living in a digital world, and without a cost we can actually expose ourselves to the world.   Things like when we are on a vacation, out shopping, what we just bought from a store, etc.   I like the idea of sharing, but how much is too much?

When it comes to displaying one’s little child’s grades on FaceBook, it is my view that doing this can be in the long run, emotionally wounding to the child. Actually, most times it is just boosting the parent’s ego.  “See how good MY CHILD is.”  I am also troubled when I see college students put their Grade Point Average (GPA) on Facebook and boast of being on the Dean’s List or Principal’s List, etc.  Read more >>