Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Bahamas needs to grow up

Attorney Fred Smith, Q.C. (Photo credit: The Nassau Guardian)

It’s time that the Bahamas grew up. If we want to be a big player like Singapore on the world stage and if we want to be in the First World category, then we need to embrace immigration for investment and development purposes. For far too long, the amazing potential of the Bahamas has been choked by oppressive, repressive, discriminatory and abusive immigration policies.

I support the government 100% in this initiative. In fact, I don’t think the government is going far enough. It should amend the Commercial Enterprises Act (CEA) to insert the Hawksbill Creek Agreement as a category in addition to tech hub industry promotion initiatives, as Freeport was designed to be a cradle of innovation for the benefit of the entire country.  Read more >>