Friday, May 3, 2019

Ringplay Productions - UNTITLED returns for ONE FINAL WEEKEND!!

A man wrestles with the prospect of giving a sibling his kidney. A daughter meets her father for the first time. A schoolgirl talks about her parents' divorce. Orphaned sisters are faced with the adoption of one of them.

Ordinary people in extraordinary situations talk through them with a therapist—and the audience. An unusual premise, with deeply moving results.
Nicolette Archer is the Therapist, who weaves the separate monologues and story together as she leads us on a journey of pain and healing.
Photo by Adrian Archer

Here’s what people are saying:

“I loved every bit of this play ... It touched on so many parts of life that are often hushed or swept under the rug. I loved the concept of how it was delivered, as well as the content of each scene.”

“This work of art, work of genius, work of unshadowed truth is a must see for all. I was touched on so many levels. I was challenged to be Untitled - unrestricted by the labels, expectations and pressures we place on each other in life.”

“Therapy for the community .... profound - you MUST see “Untitled” at the Dundas this weekend!”
This production brings together monologues, scenes and quotations, and exposes a range of challenges ordinary people must deal with every day. A therapist helps us navigate their stories, using the power of creativity and art.

The audience sits in a theatre which has been turned into a gallery for expressive art, all of them untitled works painted by the patients. We hear their stories. Some are hilarious—others will break your heart.

It's an evening not to be missed! Tickets are on sale now.
$30 general admission

Student and group discounts available

Box office at the Dundas
393-3728 / 394-7179

Monday-Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM
3 PM on performance Sundays
Photos by Adrian Archer
Philip A. Burrows Black Box

Friday, May 3 8P
Saturday, May 4 8P
Sunday, May 5 6P

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