Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Ringplay Productions - Ringplay Productions Announces UNTITLED - a new work!

Therapeutic Conversations Meet Abstract Art in “Untitled”

Interview with Co-Writer Patrice Francis

Q. Why a name like Untitled?
A.  It’s easy to get attached to labels and by so doing, box ourselves in. Many abstract art pieces are labelled “Untitled” to give the beholder the freedom to take from the piece what they will; what they need. “Untitled” is based on the concept that the content of people’s lives and the weight of their expressions are more significant than what they choose to name an experience, a process or a painting. Untitled supports the idea that we’re all still…becoming and sometimes we become without knowing what to call it.

Q. What can audiences expect from the production “Untitled”?
A.  Expect to be moved. You’re in for an intermission-free evening of therapeutic conversations, monologues and short plays - all originally written by Francis and Ben-Hepburn. Some pieces will sponsor laughter, others will usher in serious reflection and hopefully everyone will find something provocative that leads to self-exploration and discovery.

Q. Tell us about the cast.
A. We have 18 actors comprising of newcomers and veterans. Of the 18, four are students in junior or senior high school. We also have a few actors who participated (and excelled) in various drama categories in the 2019 E. Clement Bethel National Arts Festival. The cast is truly a mix of men, women and children who love theatre and can appreciate its link to artistic expression.

Q. Will Untitled be performed on the main stage at The Dundas?
A.  If, by main stage, you’re referring to the Winston V. Saunders Theatre, no. Untitled will be mounted in the experimental stage of the Philip A. Burrows Blackbox Theatre which is at the rear of the “main theatre.”

Q. Please give us the dates again
A. Certainly: Untitled will open on Friday, April 26th at 8 p.m. and will run that weekend with performances at 8 pm. on Saturday, April 27th and 6 p.m. on Sunday, April 28th. The following weekend, it will also play from May 3-5 at those same times.

Q. Who’s directing “Untitled”?
A.  I thought you’d never ask! Marcel T. Sherman, an actor and Ringplay’s resident stage manager, is directing this work. For him, it’s both a joy and a challenge and that’s a great place to be when birthing a new play.

Q. What’s the most exciting thing about “Untitled”?
A.   I can’t name just one thing. It’s the unique combination of these original pieces, coupled with the way art is being woven throughout. It’s the actors’ response and the director’s commitment to the vision. It’s also the kaleidoscope of talent, both young and post-young.  It’s experimental, and true and tempting all at once. If you think the idea of therapy and abstract art in a live stage production is intriguing, it is. Let the intrigue draw you and meet us at the Dundas beginning April 26th. This one is too…colourful, too singular to miss!

Philip A. Burrows Black Box
Six performances only

Friday, April 26 8P
Saturday, April 27 8P
Sunday, April 28 6P
Friday, May 3 8P
Saturday, May 4 8P
Sunday, May 5 6P

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