Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Face To Face: A Zest For Life Which Has Never Been Broken

Clockwise, from left: Paul and his wife, Porcia: the Fernander children today; Paul rushing with Sting Junkanoo group; Dennis and Rosie Fernander and their children.


One cannot meet a person like Paul Fernander and forget him. His effervescent smile, big personality, booming voice and “get it done” attitude speaks volumes. He is a veteran in sales in media, but he also has in-depth knowledge in broadcasting that allows him to liaise effectively between the client and the media and production personalities. Not only that, Paul cares about people. He will take the time to ask you about yourself, will remember what you told him and on the next occasion he sees you and strike up a conversation right where you left off. His infectious personality makes him relatable and memorable.  Read more >>