Thursday, March 7, 2019

Changing the Current

By  Patricia Glinton-Meicholas

Evolution, transition, conversion, transformation, revision, alteration, adaptation, modification—all these are words that speak of change—changing from one situation, form, state, system, method to another. We do so by an infinite variety of ways—making new laws, amending existing ones, effecting a revolution in mindset for the most part. If we break it down to bare bones, however, change generally involves addition or subtraction that improves or worsens our situation.

The title of this essay, “Changing the Current”, is borrowed with admiration from an ongoing promotional campaign of Florida Power and Light (FPL). The choice was practically forced on me by two occurrences in the past few days. For one, the electricity outages of the past week that have afflicted the area I live in. Imagine that, in two instances, I was working on a time-sensitive document and was about to forward it over the internet, when the power was cut without any prior notification.  Read more >>