Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I’m Selling My Clothes!

By ianthia

It only took me watching one episode of “Tidying Up with Mari Kondo” (the popular Netflix show) to realise that I need to tidy up my life, get rid of the excess and keep only the things that bring me joy. And honestly…

The two closets full, 10 drawers full, container full of clothes really aren’t bringing me joy, none whatsoever.

If I’m being honest, I also still have clothes at my family home that I haven’t brought over yet since the wedding. It feels like for years, my clothing has been ruling, and in some cases ruining my life. And like most women, I literally only wear half of them, if not less. Complicating matters, if I have an event coming up, I’m out shopping for something new to buy because, it’s a sh*t show trying to remember all the pieces I own. It just ends up being easier to buy something off the rack; ironically, this plunges me deeper and deeper into this never ending cycle of buy, store, never wear again, hoard!  Read more >>