Thursday, November 1, 2018

Powell heads to 2018 MotoSurf World Cup

Anthony Powell will represent The Bahamas at the 2018 MotoSurf World Cup, set to be held in Naples, Florida, from November 2-5.


Bahamian motosurf competitor Anthony Powell will be heading to Naples, Florida, from November 2-5 to participate in the 2018 MotoSurf World Cup. The event will be held at Sugden Regional Park in Naples, and the races will take place on Avalon Lake.

This is the top motosurf event of the year, and will also conclude the season. Powell, who will become the first Bahamian to ever compete in the MotoSurf World Cup, said he grew up skateboarding, but after seeing the sport of motosurf in action, he tried it and immediately fell in love with it.  Read more >>