Sunday, November 25, 2018

How the Fancy Dress Festival of Ghana started in the 1700s birthed the Junkanoo festival in the Bahamas

By Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson

Every year, on December 26 and January 1, while Christians mark Boxing day and New Year’s day, many people of African origin in the Bahamas come together to remember their history through music, dance and costume in what is known as the Junkanoo festival.

Ever since it started, the festival has caught the attention of many tourists due to the traditional music and elaborate costumes. For the people of the Bahamas and other Caribbean and American cities, the festival is not just a time for good music, food, dance, parade and merrymaking, but a time to celebrate the triumph of holding on to the cultures of their ancestors who were brought into their new homes through slavery and passing it on from generation to generation.  Read more >>