Thursday, September 13, 2018

East Street Pride

Vaughn Albury - Deputy News Director, ZNS

“Just sitting on the porch, talking old story is good for me. I’m like old people. And everyone is, ‘My good cousin!’”

The authenticity of that comment is pure Vaughn Albury.  He’s a down to earth, full-of-life person with a pride for his roots. It runs deep. Although his grandparents, Alphonso and Gertrude Johnson-Archer have passed on, Vaughn still visits family at the over the hill homestead. He is unapologetic about his heritage.

“My grandparents lived across the street from Big One on East Street. I am the sixth child of Carl and Agnes Archer-Albury of Lewis Street, but East Street is our bosom home. We proud East Street people,” he exclaimed.

“When people describe East Street as the ghetto, I refuse to accept it,” said Vaughn, whose parents left over the hill when he was age six.  Read more >>