Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tropical Development is Possible Labor Day Weekend Near the Bahamas, Florida or in the Gulf of Mexico Next Week


Keeping a Close Eye on Tropical Wave in Caribbean.

We are watching a system in the Caribbean, which could make for a rainy holiday weekend in Florida or the Gulf Coast. It is worth watching also for possible development.

At a Glance

There is a chance of tropical development Labor Day weekend closer to home.
This system may develop in the Gulf of Mexico next week.
The tropical wave that may develop is currently near the Lesser Antilles.
Another tropical wave may develop late this week in the far eastern Atlantic Ocean.
September is the peak month for Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms.

A tropical depression or tropical storm may develop late this Labor Day weekend near the Bahamas or Florida, then move into the Gulf of Mexico next week, just one thing we're watching as the Atlantic hurricane season wakes up from its August slumber.  Read more >>