Saturday, July 7, 2018

Brooklyn dance school is hoofing it to the Bahamas

Hands posed: Students of AbunDance Academy of the Arts will be going on a week long trip to Bahamas for a dance exchange program this month.


A Prospect Lefferts Gardens dance academy is heading to the Bahamas for a new dance immersion program.

The contemporary dance school AbunDance Academy is launching “AbunDance in Bahamas” — a weeklong program introducing its students to dancing styles of another culture, specifically designed to allow for proper and even exchange, said the school’s executive director.

“It’s a really going to be a unique in format — this is first time as far as I know that a group has come to Bahamas or the Caribbean and done exchange where the native people and dance teacher and vocal artist, are all teaching as well,” said Karisma Jay.  Read more >>