Wednesday, June 27, 2018

SiP Auditions: Much Ado About Nothing - Tuesday July 17 6 PM

 July 17, 2018
6 PM

WVS Main Stage

Shakespeare's classic comedy about love and wit.

Beatrice and Benedick. Hero and Claudio.
Quick tongues and unsullied virtue.
Princes, villains, priests and clowns.
Smart and hilarious!

Directed by Erin T. Knowles

Beatrice, female, 30-40
Leonato’s niece and Hero’s cousin. She is admired for her wit and intelligence. She is comically tricked into falling in love with Benedick.

Benedick, male, 30-40
A comic hero with a dazzling wit who has vowed never to marry. He is “tricked” into falling in love with Beatrice. 

Hero, female, 20-30
Leonato’s only daughter, in love with Claudio and wrongfully accused of being unchaste.

Claudio, male, 20-30 
A young man and friend of Benedick. He quickly falls in love with Hero and becomes engaged to marry her.

Leonato, male, 40-60
Governor of Nassau, Hero’s father, Beatrice’s uncle, and the host for the play’s events. 

Antonio, male, 30-40
Leonato’s brother. Beatrice’s father. 

Don Pedro, male, 30-50
Prince of Abaco and close friend of Benedick and Claudio.

Don John, male, 25-40 
Don Pedro’s illegitimate brother. A villain who ostracizes himself. 

Margaret, female, 20-25
Hero’s gentlewoman who unwittingly helps Borachio and Don John deceive Claudio into thinking that Hero is unfaithful.

Borachio, male, 20-40 
A drunken follower of Don John. He plots against the marriage of Hero and Claudio.

Conrade, male, 25-30
One of Don John’s more intimate associates, entirely devoted to him.

Ursula, female, 30-50
One of Hero’s waiting women.

Dogberry, male, 30-50

Alocal constable who bring the truth to light despite his ignorance and comic blunders.

Verges, male, 20-50 
Dogberry’s sidekick and deputy constable.

Sexton, male/female, 30-50
The local judge.

Friar Francis, male, 40-60 

Believes Hero is innocent, hatches the plot to clear her name and performs the marriage ceremony of Claudio and Hero.

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