Monday, June 11, 2018

Ringplay Productions: POWERCUT Opens Wednesday June 13!

Don't miss the revival of
Nicolette Bethel's


June 13-16 2018
8 PM nightly

Three women. One bathroom. A blackout.  A thunderstorm.

WOMAN Expo, July 1990. Three strangers enter a hotel bathroom near the end of the day. The power goes out, stranding them there. What they learn about one another in the ensuing 100 minutes will keep you riveted to your seats.

Powercut was first produced in 1990. This revival, the first in 28 years, casts Esther Louis (Darlene), Allaya Hagigal and India Sweeting (Tanya) and Valene E. Rolle (Glory) in the classic parts.

Originally featuring Lynn Lowe (Darlene), Nicolette Bethel (Tanya) and Claudette Allens (Glory), the play garnered glowing critical reviews when it was first produced.
"... a seamless, intricate and brilliantly woven kente cloth"
(The Tribune, March 1990)

"The audience is practically spellbound"
(The Guardian, March 1990)

"By the end the lights have come on, in more ways than one."
(The Bahama Journal, March 1990)

In 2001, Powercut was made into a feature film by Plantation Pictures, produced by Manny Knowles and directed by Philip Burrows, and featuring Lynn Lowe, Robyn Sawyer, and Claudette Allens.

This production is audiences' first exposure to this powerful work in almost 20 years. Don't miss it!

Sometimes, darkness illuminates.

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Tickets are $30 and available from the Dundas Box Office, Monday-Saturday, 10-4.

Patrons are advised that, owing to the reconfiguration of the PAB Black Box, there will be NO LATE SEATING ​for this production.