Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Blogger Seeks to Change Perspective of Over the Hill

Hadassah Hall

Former news reporter, Hadassah Hall, is using her writing talent to initiate what she hopes to become a storytelling movement.

Presently in the public relations field, Ms. Hall who previously worked in newspaper, radio and television broadcasting, recently launched a personal blog dubbed, ‘Over the Hill…The Other Side.’

“On my blog, you will find no dead bodies, no blood, no gun cartridges in the road, no body bags, no hearses, no handcuffs. The photographs are different. The stories are different. I’m just starting out, but I hope it gains traction in a positive way,” said Ms. Hall.

“I am a storyteller and feel compelled to share the stories of people over the hill – whether they live through Eneas Street, Rupert Dean Lane, on Wulff Road or perhaps moved away but are proof of what over the hill has produced. Quite frankly, I am tired of seeing so much negative news about those in the inner city. There is another side to this community that is rarely told. Therefore, it is my mission to do what I can to shine the light on the positive people it has, and continues to produce,” she stated.

Describing herself as a, “Journalist at heart,” Ms. Hall said in her own corner she wants to reframe coverage of over the hill.

“I want people to see beyond the present narrative. Over the hill has for far too long been associated with drugs, violence, poverty, brokenness…I’m not turning a blind eye to the social ills that exist; however, it’s not the whole story. There’s the other side. And yes, the people themselves have a lot to do with the denigration of this part of New Providence that has such a rich history; however, for every murderer, drug dealer, unfocused young person, there are do-gooders over the hill.  There are people who are helping their neighbours, those who are entrepreneurs, focused young people and others,” said the young woman who grew up over the hill.

Additionally, Ms. Hall spoke of her love for writing and how important it is to use one’s gift to uplift others.

“Writing is my love. It’s my talent. It is a part of what I do professionally in public relations, but it is also a hobby. I’m therefore taking what’s in my hand and making a conscious decision to craft a positive narrative,” she said.

“I want to tell positive stories that have the power to be read by people, even if just one person, who may say, ‘Wow! If she can do that, why can’t I?’ or ‘Look at how focused he is. I need to change my course of life,’” she added.

Some of the persons featured on Over the Hill…The Other Side, would have moved from the community, but have businesses there or they were born and still reside there.  Ms. Hall’s focus is to get people to look at the good over the hill has produced.

“For example, one of the persons I feature is a young man, Gerrard Russell, who is from Chippingham, but is now in Canada on scholarship. He said he never thought he would be able to go off to school.

Then there’s a young lady, who has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, but she has a talent for creating things from elegant jewelry sets to simple or elaborate head pieces. I’m so proud of these young people for being intentional and not falling victim to their surroundings,” said Ms. Hall.

“There is also a feature on Great Commission Ministries, located on Wulff Road and ran by Bishop Walter Hanchell and his wife Minalee. This place is such a God-sent for many. People pass and never think it could be them asking for a handout, but the Hanchells, who too at some point lived over the hill, pour into the homeless, the elderly, children, the unemployed, bruised and battered. They cater to many who are marginalized. They are a blessing to over the hill, feeding some 300 people daily,” she stated.

Additionally, Ms. Hall spoke to how important the blog is to her.

“I have a passion for writing. I have told people I would even write on my death bed. The journalist in me will never die. Since writing is such a huge part of who I am and I need this release, I figure I would use my talent to help elevate a community that is so often frowned upon. Trust me, there are some wonderful, positive people over the hill,” she noted.

“So many times we are told to ‘Think outside the box.’ Well, I choose to go a step further and create my own box. Why? Because as a writer, I believe I should use my skills to make a difference. I have the power, via this blog, to make steps in portraying the people of over the hill in a different light.

“To a great extent, the over the hill people have been ostracized, marginalized, lumped in one heap. However, I want to tap into that pool of positive people and shine the spotlight on them.  No money is involved in this, but there’s nothing like doing something you love. I’ll always be a storyteller. It’s intrinsically who I am,” she said.

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