Monday, May 28, 2018

Shakespeare in Paradise: FREE Shakespeare Workshop May 30, 2018

Free Shakespeare workshop!

Mark Humes and Patrice Francis in 2013's The Shrew.
Photo by Dominic Duncombe for SiP 2013.
Do you secretly want to be in a Shakespeare play but don't have the confidence?

Have you already been in a Shakespeare production, but want to extend your craft?

This Wednesday, May 30, join UK theatre professionals Natasha Moore and Babajide Fado in the Philip A. Burrows Black Box for a free two-hour workshop which will give you techniques for approaching Shakespeare's work, for engaging with the text, and for developing characters.

Moore and Fado appear courtesy of the Lyford Cay International School.

Start time: 7:00 PM.
Don't miss this opportunity! 
David Burrows in SiP 2016's Macbeth.
Photo by Kelsey Nottage for SiP 2016.
Ringplay Productions is the parent company of Shakespeare in Paradise.
Further information about workshop may be obtained by phoning 393-3728 or 394-7179
or by emailing us at