Monday, May 14, 2018

Bahamian-Jamaican DMajor Launches Atlanta Recording Studio

Sound Machine CEO, Damario “DMajor’ Major.

Sound Machine ATL Launches With ‘Rebirth’ Talent Showcase

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

ATLANTA, GEORGIA… With his Caribbean roots combined with influences from New York and Los Angeles, the opening of the Sound Machine ATL is far more than making music to Damario Major. It’s seeing destiny fulfilled at age 25 after being told that hobbies tend not to make careers.

“I was the loudest and proudest in school productions and community theater as a child,” said Major reflecting on his youth in Miami. “The stage is where I knew I wanted to be and coming from a Bahamian/Jamaican household, the focus was geared towards education than it is towards a career in entertainment..”

In the past few years, Major found himself able to support an international travel habit by working with a Fortune 500 tech company and several brands he has launched. He also got back into acting during his spare time and hosted some workshops.

“It was a lot of hit and misses,” said Major. “But I dusted off and kept trying something else if the first thing didn’t work out. People tend to give up and say enough is enough but when it's more than a passion, you know it’s just a matter of time.”

From the BET Awards to the Grammys, Major worked and learned the ins and outs of the music industry. That was when he decided to get back on track and go into the studio again, even if he had to build one to accommodate his needs.

“I’ve been asked why I chose to build yet another studio in Atlanta,” said Major. “I found that some places were not working with people and others were charging far more than some people could afford. I feel that the right atmosphere lends itself to helping the creative juices, so that’s how we ended up with the Sound Machine ATL.”

The first project out the gate was Major’s own hit single “I’m A Boss” under his stage name DMajor. The song has been leaking out of Atlanta clubs where he has performed and now he’s thinking of putting together a music video for it.

“It’s crazy because one moment, people were telling me that it couldn’t be done and the next they are on my timeline showing mad support,” said Major. “You have to remain humble with things. Right now, I’m already hitting some milestones here that I didn’t expect to come til later. I have schools wanting to bring their kids, interns asking for opportunities and the need to increase my staff. It’s really a dream come true and I’m thankful.”

Major is giving a sample of the Sound Machine ATL on May 17 at 8 p.m. with ‘‘Rebirth’, a gathering of artists with wide ranges and experiences, some of whom have performed with established musical acts. The event is to take place at Center Stage Loft.

He said that it’s a great opportunity for people to see what they produce at the Sound Machine.

“Atlanta has birthed some of the greatest musical acts of all time and also birthed new genres,” he said. “This city is a culture and a rhythm all its own so with these authentic musical artists, we decided to call the showcase Rebirth because it sees them being reborn within their music.”

A live band will accompany DMajor, Chad, Vijeta, Davion, Aly Lynn and Saturated whose genres include R&B, pop, hip-hop, Caribbean, alternative, neo-soul and even some country influences.

Since officially opening the studio in spring 2018, Major said he has been pleased as a result of the many people who have been reaching out to him.

“I had hopes for it for artists, but with summer coming we’ve also been seeing some people interested in coming in the studio to start their demos, others who are well-known looking for a new place to record to get away from the usual as they seek new inspiration, and even schools asking us if we accept interns or conduct tours,” he said. “It’s been an overall blessing.”