Friday, April 20, 2018

The Stigma of Getting Help (Weekly Highlights)

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The Stigma of Getting Help!

Dear Readers,

The reality is there is a very negative stigma surrounding mental health in the Bahamas, even now in 2018, when we have access to so much in terms of medical treatment and other avenues to protect our physical well being, many Bahamians still grapple with that stigma. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to someone who was struggling with her life, it was suggested she seek professional help to help her cope. She was not having it!

For whatever reason, many people are wary of what happens behind the closed doors of a therapist's office. And let's be honest, people have a difficult time admitting that they need professional help because they don't want to be seen by others as "crazy," unfit, or incapable of solving their life problems on their own.

But as the world has changed, so has how we handle those changes. Currently, the world faces economic, social, and psychological crises, and unfortunately women are bearing the brunt of the stress associated with these crises. According to USA's, 'Psychology Today', women are not only reporting more stress than men over money and the economy, they're also experiencing more stress-related symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, irritability, and depression. In addition, researchers at the Centre for Work-Life Policy recently discovered that although men and women both report feeling stressed at work, women disproportionately feel stress related to their families' well-being because, unlike men, they see a direct link between the time they spend at work and the negative effects on their families (more junk food, more time in front of a TV, less parental supervision). And what does prolonged stress lead to? Nothing good, that's for sure.

Unchecked stress increases the risk for serious illnesses, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It also can lead to other problems, such as infertility, ulcers, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue, severe depression, overeating, memory loss, substance abuse, and lowered productivity. These and other stress-related problems represent just some of the very real problems women are facing today.

The article we referenced went on to say, that it would be a mistake to see this as a woman's issue. That men suffer just as much as women do, and it's something everyone needs to address. These facts are not less important here in our islands where we deal with many of these same issues that they do in the USA.

People choose to go to therapy for all kinds of reasons. Some people are looking for more insight, more self-awareness, and tools to improve their overall life satisfaction. People who choose therapy may see the value in working on themselves and are insightful enough to know if, and when they may be in over their heads. Life is full of difficult events, decisions, and transitions. The idea that life is meant to be managed solely on one's own is antiquated and misguided. We all need help.

Seeking HELP, is not a bad thing, it's okay to say you are not perfect or to seek advice. We all do it in our own ways, be it through church, friends, or parents.  Life in this modern world can be hectic; most days, I can't remember if I was texted, WhatsApp'd or messaged sometimes. Keeping up with technology, exercise, job, rent, kids, name it - can be exhausting!
So, our advice, take a deep breath and seek help - it's okay!

Prime Minister applauds hemispheric focus upon tax information exchange

Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis said that The Bahamas is pleased that the Lima Commitments are inclusive of tax information exchange, which previously placed small island states at a disadvantage.

He was addressing the Plenary Session of the Eighth Summit of the Americas on Saturday morning. The summit was held at the Lima Convention Centre from April 13-14, 2018 under the theme: "Democratic Governance Against Corruption." Read More
EARTHCARE at BMES Assembly" EARTH Day Plastic Pollution"
EARTHCARE's Founder, Gail Woon addressed the BMES Assembly on April 17th 2018. Her topics were Earth Day, Plastic Pollution and EARTHCARE. Earth Day is April 22nd. "The first Earth Day was in 1970. Pollution was very bad, the air was polluted. In the U.S. the rivers were so full of chemicals that were dumped by industries that they would regularly catch on fire.  Read More

In the second of the Winterbotham IC Junior Series for 10's and 12's there were record numbers participating in this young group of developing players. So it was a busy weekend at The Lleyton Hewitt Tennis Academy at Albany for the first Bahamian Tennis Tournament to be held there. Read More
Ladies take the High Seas for Annual Fishing Tournament

The highly anticipated Bahamas Rotary Tuna Classic returned in grand style last weekend, as teams of fishing enthusiasts took to the high seas for two days of friendly competition. Now in its sixteenth year, the 2018 Tuna Tournament saw thirteen teams from around the country, battle it out in various categories including largest dolphin, Wahoo and tuna and then the coveted Grand Slam. Read More
Issues with High Rock seawall need to be fixed

 In visiting two seawalls in East Grand Bahama on Friday, April 13, Minister of Public Works the Hon. Desmond Bannister, while pleased with the seawall in Smith's Point, was displeased with the work on the seawall in High Rock.

Before the Minister had a chance to inspect the High Rock seawall, students from the East End Primary School were on hand to welcome him with a song. Following this, the Minister gave the students words of encouragement, stating that readers are leaders. Read More
The Bahamas must plan beyond the EU Blacklist

The decision of the European Union Code of Conduct Group (COCG) to recommend to the Economic and Financial Affairs (ECOFIN) Council that The Bahamas should be removed from the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes is a welcome development. The announcement that our removal from the blacklist is expected to be approved and made official by the ECOFIN Council by May 25, 2018 is good news. Read More
Tesla City Tours unveils the future of luxury cars

Without a doubt, the future has come to Grand Bahama with the launch of Bahamas Vacationer's Tesla City Tours, offering an exclusive line of luxury with the introduction of the Tesla Model X.

Apex International Marketing Group of Companies, the parent company of Bahamas Vacationer, unveiled this sleek seven-seater electric SUV in black and white at its launch ceremony on April 6th and car show on April 7th, 2018. Read More

Oasis Sandyport Celebrates One Year, Young Designer Adds Africa by Camel to Shopping Safaris

When most buyers shop for their clients or shops, they take a plane, a car and book a night or two in a good hotel to recover from the stress.
Brooke Phillips took a camel and headed for the hills of a faraway African village. She's slogged across rough terrain on mules, hiked hills, trekked to remote villages in Vietnam, ridden a rescue elephant in Thailand, hired translators in Indonesia and racked up memories and miles to last a lifetime, all in the name of making a difference in the world of small business retail.  Read More 
NEMA Receives $22,500 From Baha Mar

Director of NEMA, Captain Stephen Russell accepted a cheque in the amount of $22,500 on behalf of The National Emergency Management Agency which was presented by the President of Baha Mar, Mr. Graeme Davis on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 2 p.m. at the Grand Hyatt Entrance.

The donated funds were raised during the 2017 Necker Cup: A tennis tournament hosted annually by the Founder of Virgin, Sir Richard Branson. This tournament is normally held in the British Virgin Islands on Sir Richard Branson's own "Necker Island". Read More

Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) is pleased to announce that Shell NA LNG LLC & Affiliates (Shell NA) has been awarded the contract to lead a consortium to build a new Generation and LNG Plant at Clifton Pier. Shell NA which is headquartered in The Netherlands and operational in Texas is among the largest global energy marketers and traders, providing a comprehensive portfolio of energy-related products and services. Nineteen (19) companies passed the vetting process but in BPL's Board's opinion Shell NA provided the best solution for the company's new direction and its commitment to renewable energy. This direction is in full compliance with the Government's mandate to meet the 2030 National Energy Policy. Read More
From The Office Of The Leader of the Opposition
On The Prime Minister "Bad Mouthing" The Bahamas While Abroad

The Prime Minister just does not know what to say when speaking on our behalf overseas. He has been to South America and now in Europe and at each stop along the way, he told the world that The Bahamas is a corrupt place in which to do business.

This bad mouthing of our country shows that common sense is not common. To support his unfounded allegations of a corrupt country, he claimed that 200 million dollars was lost to corruption.  Read More
Local Execs meet at Chamber Monthly Mix and Mingle

GBPA Exec, Rupert Hayward, joined local Grand Bahama Chamber members at their monthly Mix and Mingle held last week, hosted by Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC). Hayward spent some time introducing new GBPC President and COO, Dave McGregor to visiting Deep Water Cay (DWC) owner, Paul Vahldiek and his GM, Joe Bunton. The event was hosted at the newly rebranded Flying Fish Gastro Bar, located in Lucaya, Freeport and was filled to capacity with local business owners who came out to meet McGregor and his team. Pictured (left to right) are; Joe Bunton, Dave McGregor, Paul Vahldiek, and Rupert Hayward. Read More
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