Thursday, April 26, 2018

Smile – You’re a Finalist in Miss World Bahamas!

Miss San Salvador, Caitlyn Walker. Photo: Miss Bahamas Organization

By Serena Williams

Nassau, Bahamas – It was not business as usual for guests and staff at Sandyport Beach Resort on Easter Monday. Curious sunbathers shifted on towels, tipped their sunglasses, and craned their necks as a petite figure bedazzled in jewels from forehead to bikini bottom danced through the sand, camera crew in tow. Miss Crystal Cay Alexis Sawyer, a Miss World Bahamas hopeful, had everyone’s attention as she worked the camera – a picture of beauty and poise against the scenic backdrop of blue waves and sky at Sandyport Beach Resort this warm, sunny Easter Monday. 

The young lady at the centre of attention was one of 11 Miss World Bahamas contestants attending four days of pre-pageant training being filmed by local production company The MoVi Group for Cable 12 and other regional stations. The footage can be seen on episodes of “Road to the Crown,” the Cable 12 reality TV show leading up to the Miss World Bahamas televised finale on May 27th. During the four days, the contestants were also photographed in swimwear and evening gowns.  Read more >>