Friday, April 13, 2018

Oban: Say Yay or Nay? (Weekly Highlights)

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Oban: Say Yay or Nay?

Dear Readers,

For more than 2 months now the controversial Oban Energies deal has continued to dominate headlines.  

No matter how hard they've tried, it seems like the Minnis administration simply cannot shake the lingering public criticism of the proposed Oban deal. From misleading the public on when the official document was signed to granting preliminary approvals without completed Environmental Impact Assessments to reports of missing Best Commission Files I think its safe to say that many Bahamians feel that the government has lost its credibility on this matter.

The proposed Oban Energies deal is about far more than the way the government has handled this potential project. At the heart of it, the deal is revealing exactly what we as a people place our value on.

On one side are environmentalists, who rightly so, have expressed concerns. The scale and scope of this project can have widespread implications for the future of delicate ecosystems on Grand Bahama. What protections are there in the event of a worst case scenario? Do we have the ability to respond immediately and effectively? What direct benefit do we get? Will it reduce the price of gas for Bahamians and what sureties do we have that Bahamians will reap long-term benefits from this project? As a country, which depends heavily on the Sun, Sand & Sea which we were blessed with; are we really willing to jeopardize our natural habitats for the sake of an investment? 

On the other side, are the scores of Grand Bahamians who have been promised better. As a Grand Bahamian who lived in Freeport at the height of its magic and at some of its lowest points, I empathize and sympathize with many people on the island who have been living in a place of expectation for YEARS! Men and women who have chosen to believe the word of our politicians who have promised better. Better opportunities, better jobs, a better way of life. I understand that after years of expecting, and wishing, and hoping and praying, the idea of a 5.5 BILLION dollar project, which would create much-needed employment, seems like a no-brainer... but is it? 

In preparing this editorial I came across a social media Ad, sponsored by a group out of Freeport, which seemed to blast critics of the deal for attempting to block potential jobs for residents on the island.

My question to our readers is this: Who do you think is right? Who/What takes precedence? 

Can you blame residents in Freeport for wanting to throw their support behind the idea of this project? Are environmentalists not considering the real day to day realities facing the island? Is this matter as black and white as some are making it or do you see shades of grey? 

We'd love to hear from you, sound off in the comments and tell us your position.

Moxey-Ingraham Hailed as True 21st Century Woman;
Drum Major for Good, Justice and Democracy

Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon Hubert A. Minnis Friday described former Cabinet Minister, Senator and Parliamentarian, the Hon. Theresa Maria Moxey-Ingraham as a "true 21st Century Woman" who was vocal in her support for equality for women in The Bahamas.
Prime Minister Minnis further described Mrs. Moxey-Ingraham as a Drum Major for what was good, right and just. Read More
DPM Turnquest - 'Sustainable Development' Addresses Our Common Future

"The challenges we face as a country - unemployment, poverty, inequality and climate related disasters - are problems which need to be solved holistically, through local and global partnerships," says Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Hon. K. Peter Turnquest.
Minister Turnquest, who was the keynote speaker at the Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference, hosted by the University of The Bahamas, and held at the Grand Lucayan on Thursday morning, said that one of the ways sustainable development is being mainstreamed in the educational system is through the national development planning process. Read More
Presidente Party Paradise provides Mystery & Mischief at Mask Fete

Excitement, vibrant colors, drums, music and a real festive ambiance filled Pompey Square and brought it alive with the sights and sounds of Carnival courtesy of the Caribbean's favorite beer: Presidente. More than three thousand Soca enthusiasts packed the square for the Presidente Party in Paradise mask fete which offered 'carnivalists' and visiting tourists great music, great vibes and of course lots of Presidente Beer. Read More
Port & Devco Partner on Inaugural Reef Restoration Initiative

Across the globe, coastal communities have for centuries been protected by coral reefs. These diverse underwater eco-systems not only provide a home for a wealth of marine life but also act as a protection and natural barrier against hurricanes and natural disasters.  Additionally, coral reefs generate up to 30 billion dollars in annual revenue around the globe, with as many as one billion people depending on reefs for their livelihoods. Read More
Playoff Rugby is Coming to Freeport

Just one game stands in the way of a spot in the Heineken Cup finals, for Freeport Rugby Club. But before the final showdown, Freeport must take care of business this Saturday the 14th against Nassau's Baillou squad that has proven to be a tough competitor all season.
Though Freeport emerged victorious in two regular-season games against Baillou, the Nassau club has not gone away quietly. After escaping with a 43-35 win in Nassau, Freeport barely edged out Baillou at home on March 24 in a 29-28 nail-biting win. Read More
Bahamas participates in Recognition Ceremony and Cultural Presentation at UNESCO

The World International Council of Dance (CID) in Paris officially presented documents recognizing the Nassau Section of CID during a special ceremony in Paris on March 29th.
Bahamas Ambassador to UNESCO H.E. Desmond Edwards delivered greetings on behalf of the Government of The Bahamas at the event. Read More


This weekend The Lleyton Hewitt Tennis Academy at Albany will host its first junior tennis tournament in The Bahamas. It will be the second event in The Winterbotham IC Junior Series that proved very popular at its first event in February at The National Tennis Centre. The IC Junior Series continues through the year with the third event that will be at The Raquet Club at Baha Mar in May.  Read More 
Former M.P. Pierre Dupuch comments on rumours of an FNM Coup.

A short while ago it was said that I was starting and spreading rumours about Hubert Ingraham being a part of a coup to challenge Dr. Hubert Minnis for leadership.
For Hubert Ingraham to believe that, he must be living in a fool's world, and suffering from delusions of grandeur to think that I would have the time or interest in starting any rumours about him. I was merely commenting on a rumour about a possible vote of no confidence in Dr. Minnis and him being replaced as Prime Minister. Read More
Health Minister: Bahamians are eating themselves to death
Minister of Health the Dr. the Hon Duane Sands said in his opinion, it is evident that Bahamians are eating themselves to death.
Some of the foods on the national breadbasket have something to do with many of the health challenges Bahamians face such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, Dr. Sands explained at a town meeting on the national breadbasket items at T. G. Glover Primary School, Thursday, April 5, 2018. Read More
Minister Wells Committed to Making Sailing the National Sport

Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, the Hon. Renward Wells says that he is committed to making sailing the national sport of The Bahamas in short order.
During his address at the opening ceremonies for the launch of the Third Annual Sir Durward Knowles National Junior Sailing Regatta, Minister Wells said that it must have all been a part of God's plan to have him, a former Olympian, be the Minister who would help to bring about the realization of the dream of Sir Durward Knowles in having sailing become the national sport. Read More
Master Plan for 'Sterling Commons at Hurricane Hole, P.I.,' Unveiled

Sterling Hurricane Hole, on Thursday announced a $250 million development on Paradise Island that is expected to create 600 construction job opportunities over a five-year period beginning 2019.
The company unveiled a master plan for 'Sterling Commons at Hurricane Hole, P.I.' that includes marina, residences, retail restaurants, office space and yachting services during a press briefing and tour of the property. Read More
DPM Turnquest: 'Noise in the market has drowned out the good news and potential of Oban project'

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama, the Hon. K. Peter Turnquest said it is important for everyone to understand that the Government of The Bahamas will not approve any project that is not environmentally sound and sustainable, and that Government always strives for symbiotic balance between environmental/community development and economic growth.  Read More
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March proved to be a very busy month......

The Impact Group: in conjunction with their 36 hour fast, the impact group set out on a special run and helped deliver 12 bags of groceries to our most needy families in Freeport and Lewis Yard.

          Impact Team ready for delivery

Easter Run: The Easter bags were over full thanks to the efforts of Stacy & Jeannette and Bobby & April Miller with loaves of bread, Kay and Anne & Bob with bags of candies, Judy with sweet potatoes and Leslie's group with bags full of a lovely selection of little  surprises. Again 50 bags successfully delivered across the 4 separate runs.

The following weekend, Joe Kohler departed for East End and Sweeting Cay with a further 15 bags.

Michelle Forbes (Freeport Run, lost one leg to diabetes), lives with her mother and her 4 children. Her refrigerator broke down in which she needed to keep her diabetes medication cool as well as the usual food and drink. Dolly Madison very kindly donated a used Fridge as a replacement. Now we understand that her stove packed up. We have given her a one-ring gas burner for the time being until we can find a possible replacement for her.

      Michelle's refrigerator delivered

Nekemea Jones: Crossreach has reached an agreement with her landlady to reduce her monthly rent (slightly). Crossreach, together with an anonymous donor,  have settled her substantial arrears, and has taken on the responsibility of ensuring her rent will be kept current from now on. She has been a Crossreach recipient for the past 8 years and with her 2 severely handicapped sons, Nekito and Mario, is in need of all the help we can give her.

Crossreach is also in receipt of a lovely donation from the Coral Beach Golf Association. We have elected to use the funds to build up a stock of supplies that carry a long-term shelf-life and extensive supplies of bottled water in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season.

Future Run Dates
Mark your calendars .........
       Saturday 19th May 2018
       Saturday 16th June 2018
       Saturday 21st July 2018

Again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their incredible support over the past 8 years. We certainly couldn't have done it without you.

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