Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Charles Goldstuck Opens State-of-the-Art Bahamas Recording Facility

The exterior of The Bjarke Ingels Group designed Sanctuary at Albany in the Bahamas. Cheryl Fleming Photography

By Frank DiGiacomo

“There are probably more talented musicians per capita in the Bahamas than anywhere else,” says Goldstuck. “This was an opportunity to build a world-class facility that can serve as a catalyst for local talent development."

In 2013, the notion of building a state-of-the-art recording studio in the Bahamas -- on prime waterfront real estate, no less -- would have sounded quixotic to anyone aware of the recorded-music industry’s steadily diminishing returns over the previous nine years. But, for Charles Goldstuck, then the executive chairman of TouchTunes Interactive Network, and more recently, founder and co-chairman of Hitco Entertainment, change was in the air. “Outside of the majors, I was seeing a much broader commitment to investing in music,” he tells Billboard. “I felt that the industry pendulum was swinging back.”

So the part-time resident of Albany, a $2 billion, 600-acre development that locals like to call “the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean,” struck a deal with the resort’s principal partners -- including Tavistock Group founder and billionaire Joe Lewis, Justin Timberlake, pro golfers Tiger Woods and Ernie Els, and managing partner Christopher Anand -- to make the studio a reality.  Read more >>