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Hot, In the Dark & Caught in the Middle

Dear Readers,

If you lived in Nassau for any period of time then you know that the summer months (which if you factor in global warming, will run from about April to October) is synonymous with more than just rising temperatures. For Nassuvians or more accurately for BEC Customers Summertime = Blackouts. 

With weeks to go before the official start of summer, the shenanigans have already started. Just this week productivity in Nassau was brought to a near grinding halt due to an islandwide blackout sparked by equipment failures at one of the company's generation and distribution plants. Coincidentally, this outage occurred as BPL's executives were at the time, in the middle of a press conference, announcing their plans to improve services across the country. BEC recently announced plans to automate certain functions as a means of cutting costs. (Remember this point, it will be a valuable piece of information later on in this article) This week's Nassau blackout sadly is nothing new, and what's even more distressing is that it is not just confined to Nassau. Although Nassau usually gets the most attention when things go wrong, customers in the family islands also suffer at the hands of BEC. In Abaco, power outages have lasted DAYS at a time interrupted only by load shedding schedules which give customers a few hours of electricity per day.

This has been going on for arguably the past 40 years without improvement. To be fair, in recent years BEC has gone through changes: In its name (its now officially called BPL - Bahamas Power & Light) and in its board (now led by Whitney Heastie). The company also recently severed ties with its former management company: Power Secure International. Despite having years of practice and multiple opportunities to get it right, the company has instead seemingly chosen to repeat the same mistakes over and over wasting millions of dollars in the process, in addition to inconveniencing THOUSANDS of customers and crippling our economy. 

So the question for me is why? Why in the era of renewable energy, and technology are we still relying on fossil fuels and temporary generators to supply customers with power? I have no real answer to that question BUT company officials have been saying for years that renewable energy is coming. Most recently the board approved plans for an LNG facility to improve generation although environmentalists have called even that step regressive calling instead for Solar as the better option. 


Another element at work in the BPL/Customer Dynamic is the union representing workers at the company. Over the years the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union has been extremely vocal on behalf of its members. They've argued for improved working conditions, fought allegations of impropriety, wrongful terminations the whole nine yards which is great, that's what they're supposed to do right? 

Sure, my question is though, do they also have the right to threaten customers with blackouts because they're unhappy with management. 

Remember those automation plans which I mentioned at the onset? BPL officials estimate that they can save up to 13 million dollars in operational costs while improving efficiency simply by implementing them over an 18 month period, and considering the huge legacy debt which the company has racked up over the past few decades that should be a good thing right? WRONG! Why? Because it will inevitably mean that jobs are lost. Quite unsurprisingly union executives saw this as an affront to them and immediately went on the defensive threatening a HOT DARK SUMMER. 

Now let me say for the record that I have no issues with unions or the work they on the part of their membership. In fact, I think unions do a relatively good job at keeping employers honest I do however believe that unions also allow less productive employees to skate by on the efforts of high performing workers. In relation to BPL however, I as a paying customer, REFUSE to be caught in the middle.

Again, I understand the union's position....they don't want their members out of work AND according to them they're being kept in the dark (pun intended) on the way forward at the company. It would appear that they found out about automation plans the way we all did...from local newscasts. But I found their response to be a little heavy-handed and was quite put off by the Union President's commentary. Why threaten bill paying customers? Who does that help? 


I sympathize with BPL employees I do, but quite honestly jobs in tons of different sectors are being threatened by technology and automation. That is the way of the world, it's not fair but it is the reality. That said, we the customers find ourselves caught in the middle of what could be a very messy battle that's just getting started. To put it in a colloquialism "I een into dat" I pay my bill each month IN FULL and DO NOT DESERVE to suffer in the heat and darkness because these two sides cannot get it together. What happens to people with young children who will be forced to endure the sweltering heat at night? What about the sick and shut in? What about BUSINESSES who lose thousands of dollars and hours of productivity? Who is thinking about US - The customer? These are all questions which I need the union to answer? Are you really prepared to hold the country hostage instead of attempting to hash things out like grownups! AND to BPL and its executives, WHY are this bad at communicating the way forward to your own employees? You are just as culpable! Why would you make that announcement to the media before sitting down with the union? Why has it taken so long for whatever plans exist to be made public?

Clearly, there are issues. REAL MAJOR ONES that need to be addressed but I repeat PAYING CUSTOMERS should not suffer. I work hard, as I am sure all of our readers do and I deserve for my power to stay on unless we're in the throws of a hurricane. And if the company responsible CANNOT DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO KEEP THE LIGHTS ON (that includes dealing fairly with the union) NO ONE (including the union's leadership or members) should threaten me or anyone else with outages. Instead, they should all be working together in the public interest.

Minister Ferreira Announces Initiative to Ban Single-Use Plastics By 2020
In an effort to simultaneously address marine pollution and waste management, Minister of the Environment and Housing the Hon. Romauld S. Ferreira officially announced, on April 23, 2018, his Ministry's initiative to ban single-use plastics - such as shopping bags, food utensils, straws and styrofoam food containers - by 2020.
"My Ministry will work to develop a phase-out plan for single-use plastics such as plastic bags collected at point-of-sale, straws, styrofoam food containers and plastic utensils," Minister Ferreira said, at a press conference held at the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) Head Office. Read More
Monday, April 23rd, 2018, marked a historic occasion for the island of Grand Bahama with the official unveiling of a truly unique 360 degree four-sided Monument dedicated to the Four Golden Knights' victory in the 4 x 400 Men's relay in the 2012 Olympics.
The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) hosted a two-day celebratory event. Perhaps the most exciting aspect, was the thoughtful act of flying each of the Golden Knights in to witness in person, how their Olympic victory became the source of inspiration behind the beautification project. Read More
Successful GB firm seeking to franchise across Bahamas
Island Yogurt on Grand Bahama has seemingly defied the economic odds of Freeport's slowed economy, and now its owners are hoping to franchise the business in the big city, Nassau.
Island Yogurt's owners, Paul and Kimberly Brown, have had such success with their frozen yogurt business that they want to see other budding entrepreneurs find success from their model. Read More
Health Minister pledges to support re-examination of the salary scales of lab professionals
The Minister of Health Dr. the Hon. Duane Sands said he pledges to support a re-examination and increase in the salary scales for health professionals working in medical laboratory careers as part of a larger review across the health system with an eye to addressing health careers where the country is facing critical shortfalls in staffing and recruitment.  Read More
New Reverse Osmosis Plant for Western Water Users

Access to clean and safe drinking water is considered a fundamental right. While millions of people across the globe continue to be denied access to safe drinking water, the New Providence Water Development Company (NPWDCo.) has taken steps to ensure that their customers are receiving the best water.  Now, after months of construction, the New Providence Water Development has completed work on a brand-new Reverse Osmosis plant. Read More
Government remains 'on message' with its commitments to the Bahamian people
The Government of The Bahamas remains "on message" with its commitment to the Bahamian people, and that is to root out corruption, stabilize, strengthen and advance the economy and level the playing field so that the quality of life can be improved for as many Bahamians as possible, Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Anthony Newbold said Tuesday (April 24). Read More
National Arts Festival Opens in New Providence
Participants and supporters made their way today to the E. Clement Bethel National Arts Festival 2018 in New Providence to witness some of the talent The Bahamas has to offer. The festival takes place in the capital for two weeks at Church of God Auditorium, Joe Farrington Road, 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day.
After adjudication in New Providence, the festival will return to the Family Islands to review expansive creative talent there. Read MoreƂ 
 In recognition of Earth Day, BTC's iVolunteer team in Long Island spent the day teaching students about the importance of caring for the environment. BTC provided trees for the five primary schools in Long Island and copies of the popular kids story book, "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss.
The BTC team and the students also planted a Sea Grape tree at the Lower Cay Primary School. iVolunteer Diane Lockhart, read the story, The Lorax to the entire school. The story details environmental issues and gives a challenge to children to "care a whole awful lot." 
Read More
The Spy Bill must not see the light of day
Rights Bahamas once again urges the FNM government in the strongest of terms to permanently shelf its invasive and oppressive Spy Bill. The citizens of the Bahamas, who cherish their freedom and jealousy guard their fundamental rights, do not need clandestine spy agencies invading their privacy as adequate laws already exist to achieve the stated crime fighting aims of this ill-advised legislation. Read More
FOIA provides for autonomous
Information Commissioner/Freedom of Information Unit
The Bahamas' Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 2017, provides for the appointment of an Information Commissioner whose independence and sterling character will be crucial to the working of the regime, Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis said Monday (April 23, 2018).
Prime Minister Minnis made the announcement while addressing the Opening Session of a Workshop on the Freedom of Information Act, 2017, hosted by the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs at the Paul H. Farquharson Conference Centre, Police Headquarters. Read More 
KGBCC Marks Litter Month to help Cleanup GB!
 A clean neighborhood is good for the environment, beneficial for residents, especially children, all while increasing property values and growing community investment; something Grand Bahama is working hard to do after several hurricanes and economic challenges.
Since its inception, The Keep Grand Bahama Clean (KGBC) Committee, an initiative of The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited, has embarked on a mission to create cleaner, greener communities across the island of Grand Bahama. That mission has seen the committee dedicate itself to various efforts and projects from coastal awareness and clean-ups to, demolition of dilapidated buildings. 
Read More
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