Thursday, January 4, 2018

Marriage is a Public Affair

By Barrington H. Brennen

In recent weeks, a few statements have been made and discussed in the public and private halls and on talk shows that I cannot escape responding to.  They are misleading and demeaning statements that devalue personhood and the integrity of marital relationships and diminish personal accountability.  The statements are: “Marriage is a private affair,” “Scantily dressed girls invite attack,” and “A husband cannot rape his wife.”

First, as a male, I must speak out on behalf of our equal partner-females. The strongest voices against such misinformation must be the voices of men themselves.  The women must know that we honor and value them as our equal.   Second, as a writer and counseling psychologist, I will be remised to ignore the dangerous impact of such ill-informed statements.

For generations our society has become crippled by the ill teachings that are heard from pulpits during the weekends or lauded on talk shows, and the maladaptive behaviors that are transmitted through generations in the name of tradition or in some cases, “true religion.”  Read more >>