Wednesday, December 20, 2017

FRIENDS 12 Days of Christmas: Day 7

Photo courtesy of Rolling Harbour Abaco.

Friends of the Environment's 
12 Days of Christmas 
Day 7 

Memorable Moments 
New Wheels!!
FRIENDS' education program was forever changed with the donation of two 12-passenger Ford vans. Thanks to the generosity of Reinhold and Sabine Probst along with additional support from Massey-Yardley Auto Dealership and Great Abaco Shipping, we have been able to offer more field trips to local schools and lower the cost! 

When we are assured that we are making a difference! 
Our past summer camper and after school club participant DaShane Knowles came back home from Penn State University to work with us this summer. This one minute video shows the long term value of environmental education. DaShane will do great things for The Bahamas and we are proud to be a part of his journey!

The Summer of Turtles!
turtle emergence, hatchlings, Hope Town Olivia Patterson and Cha Boyce had a busy summer checking nests each morning on Elbow Cay. They were able to record over 16 nests and nesting attempts of green and loggerhead turtles on a single beach. With the oncoming threat of Hurricane Irma, they were able to save nearly 300 hatchlings that were due to emerge as the storm passed by. One nest was relocated, and with the assistance of Lory and Marissa, the hatchlings were later released on their natal beach to the delight of onlookers young and old. 
turtles released, Hope Town
**This work was done as part of the Bahamas Sea Turtle Network partnership. Nests were moved only with the approval of The Bahamas Department of Marine Resources. All sea turtles and their eggs are protected in The Bahamas. 
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