Sunday, August 27, 2017

RentBahamas.Com is an online listing for rental properties available in the Bahamas. As
told by Juvan Ferguson, President and Founder, the site was launched in January 2017 after
years of hearing continuous complaints from friends of how difficult it was to find an apartment
in New Providence. “They would tell me how it took months to find the right place because
using traditional classified ads, while seemingly having many listings also had many drawbacks.”
“The major issue that everyone complained about was having to schedule viewings of
dozens of apartments. This of course meant having to find the time in their busy schedules to
drive all around just to look at a place that in most instances they didn’t even get.”

There are always two sides to a story though and further research would reveal that the
property owners themselves had some criticisms. “Property owners and even agents said that
they were hindered by the limitations of a traditional classified ad. Independent agents and
agents of smaller agencies in particular lamented that they could not be as descriptive as they’d
like given the pay-per-word pricing commonly employed by print ads. Owners also expressed
annoyance with the number of showings that they would have to do in vain.” With this
understanding Mr. Ferguson set out to resolve the issues faced by all parties.

Although wasn’t launched until January 2017, the research and
development began in late 2014. “Various market dynamics had to be better understood, of
course competitive analysis and various models had to be done.” Everything was looking good
early on and was very much supported by the adoption of internet technologies. Although
historically late with technological advances, internet usage was at an all-time high in the
Bahamas and smartphone proliferation was still increasing. “Now was the time!”

For persons looking to advertise their place online, acts as a selfserve
portal. Property listers can upload up to 15 photos of their place along with a video,
messages can be sent directly through the site and users can even see how many views a
property is getting. And for those who are looking for a place to rent, these same features serve
them as well. They can see exactly how place looks without having to actually go there and with
Google Maps integration they can virtually see where the property is. There is even a feature
which allows for a user to save any search to receive notifications when matching properties
are added.

As with any true internet company Mr. Ferguson says research and development is
perpetual and that they are already planning new features including advanced geo-tagging and
augmented reality potentials.