Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I Tried It: Sun & Ice’s All-Bahamian Ice Cream Parlour…Here’s the Scoop!

By ianthia

Growing up Bahamian is an amazingly unique and special experience.

For me, I have fond memories of eating my way through my childhood and being exposed to some of the best and most delicious dishes and desserts.

From endless supplies of homemade potato bread, guava duff, coconut candy, benny cake and tamarind sauce that left me licking my fingers clean; to climbing trees and hopping walls with my cousins to fill old grocery bags with mangoes, dillies, sugar apples, guineps, scarlet plums, tamarind, sea grape, coconuts and jujus, we literally ate everything we could get our hands on.

With all of these amazing foods in our midsts, I found it quite odd that after all this time, we’ve not really diversified these products and created a slew of new Bahamian dishes from them.

UNTIL NOW!