Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Oasis Atlan Farm Provides Organic Options for Abaco

Louise and Raymond Fowler
with a sample of their organic produce.
By Jennifer Hudson

“We are what we eat” is the motto of Louise and Raymond Fowler, owners of a new organic farm on Abaco. The couple is both very health conscious and it is their desire to help Abaconians develop healthy habits.

Raymond describes himself as a visionary. He has been a pioneer of organic farming in The Bahamas since 1986. His skills include agricultural business development, permaculture, fruit and vegetable production, public relations and sales.

His wife and partner in the business, Louise, was a film director in Canada for more than 15 years specializing in documentaries; the last documentary she produced was in fact on organic farming. Also a trained therapist, she is very interested in the holistic approach to body, mind and spirit while being passionate about global health, healthy food and causes of diseases.  Read more >>