Friday, June 16, 2017

Vida Cayo + Go! Life’s a Beach and I’ve got the Perfect Flip Flops!

By ianthia

If you follow me anywhere on social media (like here on Instagram or over here on Facebook) then you know I’m good and ready for Summer ’17 to officially drop! I’ve been tweeting, posting, sharing, anxiously waiting and counting down the days!

We’re six days away from the turn up, the parties, the events, the hot summer nights and long summer days.

Living in The Bahamas, I’m always sittin’ on ready for a beach day! So I make it a habit to keep a bag packed with all of my fave summer essentials and accessories; a bathing suit that feels like nothing, so it’s just skin and water; sunscreen to protect my melanin, a 3-hour long playlist with songs whose lyrics bounce me from the 90’s, to the 80’s and back to the present day and, now the newest and hottest additions, my Vida Cayo flip flops!  Read more >>