Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bahamian Art & Culture : No. 307 : 05.05.17

"The Lord Lift the Land" by Bahamian resident artist Thierry Lamare is a powerfully fitting cover image for this week's issue of Bahamian Art & Culture as we head into a very polarising general election. Over the next few days, the attention of most Bahamians will be on this event and its results. It is our hope that this election be fair and peaceful and that the Lord, indeed, lifts the land. This Sunday we highlight Jazz at Jacaranda as well as a new slate of stories on Bahamian artists Maria Govan, Keisha Ellis, Da Family, Thierry Lamare, Susan Katz Lightbourn and much more local art & culture. As well as art stories from the region and abroad. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for free! Enjoy!