Friday, March 17, 2017

Chloe’s Havens Transforming Potcake Care Across Abaco

A Potcake Rescue team member plays with puppies in front of a Haven. Havens are being built in memory of young Chloe Kotval who frequented Abaco and had a love for animals. Chloe’s Havens are being distributed across the island. They are self-contained dog shelters including self-filling dog bowls, harnesses, leashes and food bowls.

By Angela Pattusch

The North Abaco Potcake Rescue team, New York based Potcake Advocate, Evelyn Vaccaro and the family and friends of Chloe Kotval have recently joined hearts and hands across an ocean, in memory of this very special girl. Chloe passed away on Feb 14th 2017, devastating families across her home town in Ottawa, Canada and far south to the communities of Hope Town where she vacationed with her family.

Chloe Kotval was a girl with a golden heart that loved all animals. During her time spent in Hope Town, she did all she could to help the Island Potcakes in need.  Read more >>