Saturday, February 11, 2017

Please, Let’s Talk

We are spending too much time on our smart phones and tablets texting to one another instead of talking face to face.   While the smart phone and texting can be a positive tool for quick and convenient communication, too much texting is not healthy for building long-lasting healthy relationships and it is not good for the brain.

I have literally seen people going for walks, sitting by the beach, and waiting at the bus stop, and all they are doing is looking at their smart phones texting or surfing the Internet.  Some are even texting while they are stepping on the bus.   While we feel good receiving instant messages, there are times we must look up.  You need to look at people around you.  Take in the moments.   Look at nature.   What’s most embarrassing and perhaps insulting is when there is family or community social gathering and the majority of people are looking at their tablets or smartphones instead of interacting with one another.    Perhaps it is wise that when there is a family dinner or group gathering designed for social interaction, the organizers have a receptacle at the entrance in which everyone leaves his or her smartphone until the event is over. Read more >>