Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Diversity or Exclusivity

There is a disturbing trend in The Bahamas concerning who people think should occupy The Islands of The Bahamas.   We hear many saying that The Bahamas is for Bahamians only.

On the other hand, for many others, who understand the importance of native Bahamians participation in nation building prefer to say “Bahamians first.”  It appears that many do not understand the difference between “Bahamians only” and “Bahamians first.” Which one of these understandings can truly propel a nation into greatness?

A more relevant question is which one of these understandings have propelled The Bahamas toward greatness in the past?  It is sad to read in our newspapers, listen to talk shows or in meeting rooms the many who dread the presence of foreigners in our country.  We hear it in their language.  We see it in their behavior.  We feel it from their attitude.   It is pathetic.  It is embarrassing.   They want uniformity or purity in the Bahamian blood line.  They refuse to accept that all Bahamians (whites and blacks) descended from foreigners who migrated to The Bahamas voluntarily or who came here against their will in slave ships.  Read more >>