Sunday, November 6, 2016

Water and Sewerage Corporation launch mobile app

 The Water and Sewerage Company (WSC) launched its WSCMobile app at the Mall at Marathon Last week WSC the first mobile app for a Government owned utility company. Many consumers gathered around to learn of the features of the app being launched at the Mall at Marathon. The app will help make the interactions between the Corporation and its customers easier, and allow for 24/7 reporting and bill payment. (Photo courtesy of BVS) 

Nassau, Bahamas – Mobile apps are software applications designed to run on smartphones,tablet computers and other mobile devices. Last year it was reported that, more than100 billion mobile apps had been downloaded from online stores around the world. Last weekend the Water and Sewerage Corporation, in wanting to meet consumer demand and growing technology in our market, launched the first utilities mobile app that allows customers to report complaints directly from their smartphone.  Read more >>