Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pink Awareness Goodies!

Pink treats ready to eat! Photos by Shantique Longley

The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) has joined hearts and hands with the Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group in support of further awareness of the prevalence of breast cancer and early detection of the deadly disease.

On October 25th, the northern campus square was buzzing with staff, faculty and students wearing pink, and more importantly, making purchases during the bake sale of which all proceeds will be presented to the Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group.

With BTVI having assisted the group for the past five years, Dean of Student Services, Racquel Bethel is convinced that giving is a part of learning. She said BTVI’s Student Affairs’ team will continue to push for activities that motivate students to become more community-minded.

“A mandate of BTVI is to build good citizens. We want them to value giving back. It builds character and model citizens,” she said.

Ms. Bethel added how important it is for educators to venture beyond the four walls of the classroom.
“We have to connect students and society.  We live in a community and hurricane Matthew reminded us that it’s not just about us. We have to think beyond ourselves and be our brother’s keeper,” she stated.

 BTVI Daycare Attendant, Jennifer Rolle, taking treats on the road

 ORDER UP: BTVI Dean of Student Affairs, Racquel Bethel, dishing up sweets for someone with a sweet tooth

 SIPPING ON SOMETHING SWEET: BTVI Guidance Counselor, Pamela McCartney enjoys her pink lemonade

 SOCK IT TO CANCER: BTVI Chair of Academic Support, Cara Gibson & Dean of  Student Affairs, Racquel Bethel

 PRETTY IN PINK: Beauty Trades Administrative Assistant, De'Sheika Coverley & Public Relations Assistant, Shantique Longley pose for a snap

 SURVIVOR STYLE: This design slays cancer!

 SO TEMPTING: Sugary treats to support awareness

SWEET SMILES: BTVI Campus Nurse Voreetis Barr & Associate Vice President of Fund Development Alicia Thompson

 SO SWEET: Pink Puffs of sugary goodness

SHOWING SUPPORT: BTVI Dean of Academic Studies, Pleshette McPhee; Chair of Academic Support, Cara Gibson and Dean of Student Affairs, Racquel Bethel supporting awareness


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