Sunday, September 25, 2016

SiP 2016: Two full weeks of theatre!

SiP 2016 is now TWO weeks long!

Shakespeare in Paradise is in its eighth year and we're proud to announce that it now runs for two full weeks!

For those of us behind the scenes, this isn't so much of a change, as we have always had a week of previews before student audiences. But we've now extended our public performances so that SiP 2016 will open on September 26, 2016, and won't close until Saturday October 8, 2016!

That's not all, though. 2016 is a special year for those of us in Ringplay Productions. October 3rd will mark the 75th birthday of Winston V. Saunders, the man who served as the inspiration for most of us to become involved in theatre, and we'll be honouring him!

One week of Shakespeare

We open with Macbeth on Monday September 26. A cast of veterans and newcomers anchored by David Jonathan Burrows as Macbeth and Carrie Collins as his Wife play out Shakespeare's timeless study of naked ambition against the backdrop of Bahamian politics. The cast features Onik√© Archer, Patrice Francis and Jovanna Hepburn as the Weird Talk Show Hosts (aka the Witches), Mark Humes as Banquo, and D. Sean Nottage as Macduff. Tavaris Adderley, Theo Bonamy, Hartman Brown, Rossano Deal, Rashad Ferguson, Rudy Levarity, Nicole Musgrove, Leroy Strachan and Greg Stubbs round out the cast. Directed by Philip Burrows assisted by Erin T. Knowles.

Monday September 26 8P
Wednesday September 28 8P
Friday September 30 8P
Saturday October 1 8P

One week of Bahamian and international offerings

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

Our second week presents a full schedule of Bahamian and international performances anchored by the Winston V. Saunders classic, You Can Lead a Horse to Water. This revival features a fresh new cast. Jonico Pratt, Valene Rolle, Gabriel Hudson and Kayleaser Deveaux-Isaacs play the Son, the Mother, Old Fool and the Lawyer, and the Jury features veterans and newcomers such as Gregory Deane, Chigozie Ijeoma, Sharanda Garvey, Anja Bowe, Candi Rigby, Rose Barrett, Claudette Allens, Bonny Byfield, Deangelo Brown, Arthellia Isaacs, Valicia Rolle, Leah Duncombe, Dion Johnson, Nicolette Archer, P. Scott Adderley, Brentwood Burrows, Brentwood Thompson, Leslie Ellis-Tynes, K. Mitchell, Candace Bostwick, Graham B. Thordarson, Kadesh Collie, Fabienne Bailey-Brown, and Alonza Francis. Directed by Philip A. Burrows assisted by Marcel T. Sherman and Nicolette Bethel. Musical direction by Adrian Archer assisted by Raymond Antonio. Music and rhythms by Cleophas R. E. Adderley Jr.

Horse opens on Saunders' 75th birthday, and the Dundas Main Stage theatre will be renamed in his honour.

Monday October 3 8P
Thursday October 6 8P
Friday October 7 8P
Saturday October 8 8P

The World is My Home—The Life of Paul Robeson
Not Just the National Anthem

This year, we present returning artist Stogie Kenyatta to reprise his role as Paul Robeson, African-America lawyer, activist, prize fighter and singer. This evening is opened with a concert by JoAnn Callender singing the music of Timothy Gibson, the composer of more than the Bahamian national anthem.

Monday October 3 8P
Wednesday October 5 8P
Friday October 7 8P

Dicey Doh... Spence Inspired

We also present returning artist Kim Brockington to reprise her role as Zora Neale Hurston, African-American anthropologist and novelist, whose time in The Bahamas and the Caribbean paved the way for her classic Their Eyes were Watching God. This evening is opened with a concert by Bahamian a cappella group the Dicey Doh men and their guests.

Tuesday October 4 8P
Thursday October 6 8P
Saturday October 8 8P

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