Thursday, September 22, 2016

SiP 2016 Opens with Macbeth

Macbeth opens SiP 2016!
September 26-Oct 1
Dundas Main Stage

Election season is approaching, and Macbeth, MP for Long Island, is not content to be elevated to the post of Chairman of the Party. He has his sights set on being Prime Minister. There is only one person who wants him to have this post more, and that’s his wife. So what do they do? They dispatch the Prime Minister and anyone else who stands in their way!

Enter Ringplay’s own production of Macbeth, set in The Bahamas and featuring local politicians instead of Scottish kings and thanes. The witches? Talk show hosts. We’ve taken Shakespeare’s original language but tell the story in ways that hit home.

This version was Ringplay Productions’ inaugural work, staged for the first time in 2001. Nicolette Bethel updated and dramaturged a script by the late Rosanna Seaborn and Pauline McCartney, and headed a directing team that included David Jonathan Burrows and Anthony “Skeebo” Roberts as her assistants. Philip A. Burrows also served as an assistant and the production’s Technical Director. Macbeth was staged at the College of The Bahamas during the annual Colour of Harmony and featured music by the British rock group Queen. An amended version was mounted on the Dundas main stage in 2004, this time using obeah in place of witchcraft, and featuring music by Tony McKay.
Rapping Witches & Killer Queen

This year we go back to our beginnings as a theatre company to present this work for the first time in Shakespeare in Paradise. We've returned to the Queen soundtrack. The witches are once again talk show hosts—but this time they rap! You haven't heard "Double, double, toil and trouble" like this before!

This play has long been a standard on the BGCSE syllabus, and is also one of Shakespeare’s most popular works among student and adult audiences alike.
In Memoriam

Jane Poveromo backstage at Shakespeare in Paradise's 2009 production of The Tempest. 

Philip A. Burrows leads the Ringplay team in bringing this production to the stage and the company dedicates this work to the memory of an original cast member and one of the founding members of Ringplay Productions, Jane Poveromo, who passed away at the end of October last year. We can't produce this play without thinking constantly of her.

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