Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Too Many Drunkards In Our Communities

By Jerry Roker
for Bahamas Press

Our communities are plagued by young and old rum drinkers from all walks of life, including men, women, young boys and girls.

Innocent lives have been snuffed out by drink drivers. The police don’t give statistics about deaths caused by drunk driving. The authorities need to take away the licenses of drunk drivers for life, and there should be stricter laws for who drink while driving.

Alcohol has been the destruction of the human race since the beginning of time, and it has now taken a toll on our country with a population of less than 400,000 people. Alcohol has today been a major cause of the domestic violence in our country. It has also been a contributing factor to suicide, murder, incest, accidents, ‘cussing’ and fighting. It is a major cause of poverty, family breakups, divorce, and the failure of our children in schools and universities. Alcohol is a drug just like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.  Read more >>

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