Monday, August 1, 2016

Healthy Tresses Through Healthy Products

Tribune Features Writer

WHAT do you do when you are a naturalista but it’s a real hassle finding the right items to keep your tresses strong and healthy? For Richae Barton, starting a business in the hair care industry and becoming a retailer of all the products necessary to manage her hair was the solution.

The young entrepreneur launched The Tress Xpress a little over a year ago after becoming frustrated with trying to find the right products for her hair. She realised that there were many others out there who had similar problems.

“I got into the hair care business mainly because I had first-hand experience of hair care from high school. I graduated from Aquinas College where I learned the basic understanding of cosmetology. Being natural sparked my curiosity, as I would watch dozens of hair tutorials and try to mimic the hairstyles,” she told Tribune Woman.

The 21-year-old College of the Bahamas marketing major said starting a business in hair care was something she knew she would eventually do, but the route there was unclear.