Thursday, July 21, 2016

Honesty Rewarded For Clerk In $10,000 Mix-Up


FOR Tiffany Eldon, a 29-year-old clerk at The Linen Shop, the day started like any other when she opened the company safe to get out the bundle of $1 bills to make up the cashiers’ floats for business.

The company, like so many, changes money at various times throughout the week, so it was not unusual for her to pick up the bills. Except a few weeks ago, the bundle turned out to be a little different. And her actions on the surprising discovery earned her the praise of her shop colleagues, the gratitude of the Royal Bank of Canada branch where the Linen Shop banks and the relief of one particular teller.

Instead of a bundle of 100 $1 bills as expected, Ms Eldon found $100 bills instead. She nearly fell off her chair when she realised she was holding $10,000 rather than the $100 she was expecting. Read more >>