Wednesday, June 15, 2016

'Jazz In Bloom': Inspire
Father's Day -
Sunday, June 19th | 7pm
Governor's Ballroom, British Colonial Hilton

Prepare for another great Jazz experience with Bahamian Jazz artist, Anuschka Wright. This year, the Jazz in Bloom theme is "INSPIRE" in praise of all those who mentor and inspire others to bring out their best and achieve greatness. It will be held on Father's Day, June 19th at the British Colonial Hilton in the Governor's Ballroom at 7pm. 

Anuschka will be returning to The Bahamas after graduating with honors from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada with a degree in Fine Arts, with specialty in Jazz. Among other accomplishments, Anuschka received The Norman Marshall Villeneuve Percussion Award, established in 2012. Each year, the award is given to a deserving 2nd or 3rd year student with excellent academic performance, musicianship, leadership, and a passion for Jazz.

About Jazz in Bloom

* The annual Jazz in Bloom (JIB) Concert series was founded and created in 2013 by Bahamian Jazz artist Anuschka Wright.

* Jazz in Bloom's mission is to consistently present a high quality of jazz music to the Bahamian public showcasing both local and international jazz artists and musicians.

* The JIB team work enthusiastically to present a show that is entertaining, classy and engaging for those seeking to treat their fathers to something outside of the norm on Father's Day.

* In addition to honoring fathers, Jazz in Bloom is an ongoing celebration of life, music and the creative spirit of all. Jazz in Bloom invites you to join us in the comfort and magic of live jazz.

A perfect Father's Day gift.