Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Introducing Ringplay on Stage Vlog

Introducing Ringplay on Stage!

Ringplay Productions, Shakespeare in Paradise's parent company, has launched its own channel on YouTube. The first things you can watch there are the first three episodes of our new Ringplay on Stage Vlog. We're focussing on preparations for SiP 2016.

Go check it out! Each week or so we'll post another snippet of behind the scenes activity. Sit in on our executive meetings, catch a couple of interviews with us as we lay the groundwork for the festival, walk with us through the theatre and see what we've got on the go.

You can find the first three episodes on our YouTube channel, on our Facebook page, or by following the links below.

Episode 1 - Our second SiP 2016 meeting for the year

Episode 2 - Music for Macbeth/Saying goodbye to Julia

Episode 3 - Student Outreach Programme

And as always ...

See you in October!