Monday, June 6, 2016

Independent Candidate Launches Campaign Website

Terneille Burrows, running candidate for the Elizabeth constituency, releases the official website for her campaign. The site received over 2,600 views from 39 different countries within the first 48 hours of being launched. The official link can be found at

The website is designed to give a closer look at Burrows’ personal commitment, her campaign agenda as well as her social and political initiatives and aspirations. The comprehensive format of the site further presents an unveiling picture of the candidate as it delves into her biography, political platforms, social concerns, issue followings, civic philosophies and even her social media feed.

The site also paints a broad and prospective picture of what we can expect of Burrows as a future constituent and political leader. Details provided show sufficient evidence and documentation of the tremendous strides the independent has already made in our communities and nation at large. The site’s outlining of political matters and petitions, such as tabling Marco’s Law — a child protection law — to demanding governmental accountability and transparency, paints a bold, tenacious and even inspirational picture of the promising candidate.