Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ringplay Season 2016: Gun Boys Rhapsody March 4-6 2016

Co-produced by Ceiba Arts

Three shows only:

Friday March 4 8P
Saturday March 5 8P
Sunday March 6 6P

Black Box Theatre at the Dundas
Tickets $30
Student discount (Sunday only)
$15 with ID

Gun Boys Rhapsody opens
Friday March 4 2016!

I-Land, Two thousand something: ... and violence rules the roost. A young man sits before us, informing us he is about to die.

In this, Part III of the I-Land trilogy, Ian Strachan tackles the  sickness that plagues our society, the sickness of violence, of young men killing on another, of hopelessness, of helplessness. And yet he manages to do so with humour, and with hope.

Featuring Jonico Pratt, Nicole Musgrove, Beaumont Todd, Neil Cleare, Isaiah Hanna, Valene Rolle, Brentwood Burrows, Chigozie Ijeoma, Dominic Bain, Esther Louis, and Emille Hunt. Set by Ian Strachan and Jackson Petit.

Gun Boys Rhapsody is written and directed by Ian Strachan.
Tickets are $30 and may be purchased from the Dundas at
393-3728 or 394-7179.  
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In association with Ceiba Arts